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Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is Virtual tuning (VT) ??
  2. Does exist any program for Virtual tuning ??
  3. Does Virtual tuning have some rules ??
  4. What is FAKE ??
  5. What is Battle ??

1. What is Virtual tuning (VT) ??

VT is modiffication photos of cars on PC. The most frequented graphic editor is Adobe Photoshop.

2. Does exist any program for Virtual tuning ??

No, the modifications is perform on graphic editors like Adope Photoshop, Corel Draw or GIMP.

3. Does Virtual tuning have some rules ??

Yes, it exists. It is calledBasic rules of VTand is here:

  • I never crib fereign cars as mine.
  • I never use parts from virtual-tuned cars and use them in my pictures.
  • If I release my car on public before the end of the contest, I acknowledge my car is a potential target of fakers. Contest operator won’t solve who was copying from who, decisive aspect will be the date of sending the car.
  • I always send only one work to contest. Resending it is not allowed (except when you forget to sign it).
  • If we find "faker" in our contest, he will be discarded.
  • If we find "counterfeit car" in your gallery, you will be banned.

4. What is FAKE ??

Fake is work, where the "stolen" parts was used. Illegal parts are parts which made other autor and faker used these parts with out author´s licence.

5. What is Battle ??

Battle is in VT fight of two vtuners. You can create battle at pageBattles. Click toCreate battleand fill in battle setting, where you have to write nick of your opponent. Then wait till your opponent will accept your challenge and the battle BEGIN!!

When both opponents upload their work, so their battle shows at page Actual Battles, where will be as questionnaire for 7 days. Then winner gains points to VT League.

Tip: We advise you, find your opponents at this page for PC Battle: /…/167-vyzvy

and here for Painted Battle: /…/2440-vyzvy

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